Marine and Energy Solutions DIV Ltd. is a design and engineering company that specializes in concept, basic and detail design of vessels, interior design, techno-economic feasibility studies, site supervisions and engineering services.

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Marine and Energy Solutions DIV Ltd. was established in 2014, and our team of professional and experienced staff is primarily responsible for design and development of various marine, off-shore and energy projects including vessels interior design.

With our services, we are capable of supplying complete design packages meeting owners’ requirement at all phases of the ship design and ship building process.

We offer a range of services, based on expertise and innovation utilizing our experienced team of Naval Architects, Industrial Designers, Mechanical, Electrical and Welding Engineers and state of art software in-house.

Marine and Energy Solutions DIV Ltd. specializes in concept, basic and detail design of ships, interior design, energy facilities design, Finite Element Analysis(FEA), techno-economic feasibility studies, 3D modelling, site supervisions and engineering services.

Our design tools are: AVEVA Marine, Rhinoceros, MAXSURF, NavCad, PropCad, 3ds Max.

Marine and Energy Solutions DIV Ltd. is official representative of
SEA FIRE company.



We provide support services to the ship building process throughout the entire production cycle ranging from initial negotiations with the client and definition of conceptual and main designs, supervision of building at the shipyard, engineering and technology transfer.

• Vessels initial and basic design
• Interior design
• Naval Architecture
• Deck equipment design
• Off-shore engineering
• Workshop documentation

• Shipyard design
• Site supervisions & project management
• Engineering
• Sales representatives


Previous works

Coastal patrol vessel “Omiš” for the Coast Guard of the Croatian Navy, design, basic documentation, workshop documentation
(Client: Brodosplit Naval & Special Vessels Shipyard Ltd, Croatia)
3-mast schooner “Klara”, design, basic documentation
(Client: Brodosplit – Shipbuilding Industry Split Inc., Croatia)
Interior design of 3-mast schooner “Klara”
(Client: Brodosplit – Shipbuilding Industry Split Inc., Croatia)
• Sail and rigging project/design of 3-mast schooner “Klara
(Client: Brodosplit – Shipbuilding Industry Split Inc., Croatia)
• Modernization of landing craft – minelayer class “Cetina
(Client: Croatian Ministry of Defence)
• Concrete production ship “Plovput Split”, redesign, basic documentation
(Client: Brodosplit – Shipbuilding Industry Split Inc., Croatia)
Excursion boat – semisubmarine “Marlin 55”, initial, basic and workshop design
(Client: Agena Marin d.o.o, Croatia)
Design of refit and conversion for cultural heritage, 112,00 m yacht – school ship Galeb into a memorial ship
(Client: City of Rijeka, Croatia)
SEDU Labin (Levingston 111-C/Upgraded) – Stability calculation
(Client: CROSCO, Integrated Drilling & Well Services Co., Ltd, Croatia)
Passenger vessel “Monet” interior design
(Client: Brodosplit – Shipbuilding Industry Split Inc., Croatia)
“Kata” excursion boat, exterior and interior design
(Client: Lesic Dimitri d.o.o., Croatia)
Catamaran „Taxi cat“ – Exterior styling
(Client:  Agena Marin d.o.o., Croatia)
Stern doors, Shell doors and Embarkation platform for Hull 483 „Flying Clipper“
(Client: Brodosplit – Shipbuilding Industry Split Inc., Croatia)
Telescopic gangway for Hull 525 Sailing passenger ship 48m/36 pax
(Client: Brodosplit – Shipbuilding Industry Split Inc., Croatia)
• Stability calculation for boat RIB 800
(Client: Aluminium Workboats, Croatia)
• Stability calculation for boat AWB 770
(Client: Aluminium Workboats, Croatia)
• Stability calculation for passenger boat “Faros”
(Client: Aluminium Workboats, Croatia)
• Basic documentation – piping for passenger boat “Faros”
(Client: Aluminium Workboats, Croatia)

Ongoing projects

Zero-emission passenger ship 63,5m/24+26 pax, design, basic documentation
• Autonomous Acrylic Hulled Tourist/Research Submarine, design, basic documentation    • Autonomous Unmanned Ship 23,95m, design, basic documentation

New designs

• Modernization of landing craft – minelayer class “Cetina
(Client: Croatian Ministry of Defence)


Marine and Energy Solutions DIV Ltd. is official representative of SEA FIRE company.

Sea-Fire manufactures a wide range of technologically advanced marine fire detection and suppression systems for commercial and recreational vessels. The company has been protecting people and property at sea for over 45 years.

Sea-Fire Engineered Fire Suppression Systems protect compartments from 1,500 cu ft (42.5 cu m) up to 17,500 cu ft (500 cu m) and provide reliable and responsible economical solutions that protect large pleasure craft, yachts, workboats, marine vessels and onshore/offshore marine applications.


Pre-engineered marine fire suppression systems are designed to be a fixed installation, designed and tested to specific criteria. The system protects a given volume of an enclosure via automatic heat activation or manual release.

3M™ Novec™ 1230 fluid is a highly-efficient fire extinguishant with low acute toxicity – helping to put out fires long before the agent reaches concentration that could adversely affect humans. It has the largest margin of safety among all other chemical clean agents, CO2 and inert gas mixtures because its use concentration is much lower than its No Observable Adverse Effects Level (NOAEL).

With very low heat of vaporization and high vapor pressure, this highly-effective clean agent fire suppressant evaporates 50 times faster than water helping to ensure your valuable assets stay safe and dry. Choosing Novec 1230 fluid also gives you peace of mind with 20 years of protection against future regulatory bans or restrictions. 3M is so confident that Novec 1230 fluid will continue to meet environmental and safety standards far into the future that they are offering the industry’s first global warranty against losses arising from regulatory action: the 3M™ Blue SkySM Warranty.

Marine and Energy Solutions DIV Ltd. is vigorously rebuilding the Croatian shipbuilding industry. As the company’s naval architects draft new vessels, they’re working with Sea-Fire’s master European distributor—Sea-Fire Europe—to incorporate state-of-the-art engineered fire detection and suppression systems.”




Zero-emission sailing ship

The project entitled “Development of a zero-emission passenger sailing ship” is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund. The project was submitted to the Call for Proposals for Increasing the Development of New Products and Services Arising from Research and Development Activities – Phase II (KK.

The aim of the project is to research, develop and build an eco-innovation in the form of a passenger cruise ship for a minimum of 36 passengers for which alternative propulsion technologies and energy sources will be explored and developed based on environmentally friendly design aimed at sustainable zero-emission mobility, environmental sustainability and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, air and noise pollution. The expected result of the research is the application of new knowledge and skills that will be confirmed through the realization of a competitive product, which is new for the entrepreneur and his partners, new for the national market, new for the macro-region and new for the global market.

The project “Development of a zero-emission passenger sailing ship” directly contributes to addressing EU priorities and is in line with several EU Common Policies. This project directly contributes to increasing investment in research and development within the S3 Smart Specialization Strategy, the thematic area “Transport and Mobility”, the sub-thematic areas “Environmentally friendly transport solutions” and “Intelligent transport systems and logistics”, and the thematic area “Energy and sustainable environment ”, sub-thematic areas “Energy technologies, systems and equipment” and “Environmentally friendly technologies, equipment and advanced materials ”.

The project applicant is DIV Grupa d.o.o., and the project partners are: Marine and Energy Solutions DIV d.o.o.; Shipbuilding industry Split d.d.; University of Split, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture and Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology Osijek.

The total value of the Project is HRK 52,779,547.09. The total eligible costs of the project amount to HRK 42,520,975.46, while the EU share of project financing amounts to HRK 28,913,221.79. The project implementation period is from 17/02/2020 to 17/08/2023.

The contact person for additional information is Mislav Brlić, General Manager.




Marine and Energy Solutions DIV Ltd. is comprised of experienced professionals, including our Naval Architecture Team, Interior Design Team, Hull Equipment Team, Mechanical Engineering Team, Electrical Engineering Team, Energy Facilities Team and Hull Workshop documentation Team. This team possesses an extensive amount of experience and engineering knowledge, which it uses to conceive superior designs that are construction-friendly and can be built at optimal costs for clients. Read more about our executive board members:

Mislav Brlic, Nav.Arch.

Mr. Mislav Brlic is General Manager and is one of the founding partners of MES DIV. He has substantial experience in the design and construction supervision of Navy and Civil Vessels. Head of Office in Vessel Design & Development Department in Brodarski Institut, Zagreb from 2004 until 2014. Membership in ISSC (International Ship and Offshore Structures Congress – 2012) Committee V. 5., He wrote the book The Destroyers and Frigates for the 21st Century, the library Militaria, Publisher: Croatian Ministry of Defence, 2002.

Aco Sikanic, Ph.D.

Aco Sikanic has served as Head of Energy Department in MES DIV. He has more than 35 years of experience in managing design teams, research, development and design of new products, as well as conceiving and designing new projects and installations in the energy sector, production supervision, supervision of mechanical assembly works in the industry, energy, shipbuilding and construction. He was director and Head of the Sector of Activity in the Brodarski Institut, a leading designer, researcher, university teacher.

For many years he was engaged in the design and implementation of energy engines and technical support in the scope of environmental protection and energy efficiency. Over the past few years he has led the design, validation and consultation of different wind power projects in various stages of design, and several projects for biomass, small hydro and solar power.

In his two terms, he served as Vice-President of the Community Council for Renewable Energy Sources in the Croatian Chamber of Economy, Energy Sector and Environmental Protection in Zagreb.

Some of the mentioned projects are:

  • WF Vrataruša Senj (Croatia) – 66 MW, Phase I 42 MW, Phase II 24 MW
  • WF Zelengrad Obrovac (Croatia) – 99 MW Phase I 42 MW, Phase II 12 MW
  • WF Mazin (Croatia) – 86 MW
  • WF Poljička kosa, Delnice (Croatia) – 58 MW
  • WF Fužine (Croatia) – 56 MW
  • WF Bakar (Croatia) – 28 MW
  • WF Kučevo Majdanpek (Serbia)
  • WF Senj (Croatia) – 156 MW
  • WF Skadimovac Glamoč (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – 110 MW
  • WF Ošljar Tomislavgrad Credo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – 36 MW
  • WF Vučipolje (Croatia) – 82 MW
  • WF Udbina (Croatia) 120 MW
  • WF Kupres 1, Kupres (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – 48 MW
  • WF Pakline 1, Tomislavgrad (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – 48 MW
  • WF Pakline 2, Tomislavgrad (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – 48 MW
  • Biomass power plants in Koprivnički Ivanac (Croatia) – 20 MW and in Neretva valley (Croatia)
  • Small Hydroelectric power plants in the basin of Orljava river and Vrbanje river basin (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • and more solar power plants on the rooftops of schools and kindergartens in the city of Zagreb (Croatia)

Ivana Peko, M.Sc.

Ivana Peko is Head of Interiors Design Department and is one of the founding partners of MES DIV. She has more than 18 years of experience in designing yacht and ship interiors as well as outer ship design. She was Head of Marine Interior Department at the Brodarski Institut, a leading designer and researcher. Engaged in the development and design of new products and the production supervision in the shipbuilding industry. Winner of Grand Prix for best design 2011-2012 by Croatian Designer Society for passenger catamaran – „Millenium Diamond“.
She has participated in numerous activities of designing yachts, passenger ships, work boats and small boats for serial production.

Dinko Salopek, Nav.Arch.

Dinko Salopek is one of the founding partners and is currently holding the position of Project Coordinator and Head of Ship Equipment Department. He has 11 years of experience in project management and building supervision of Vessels and Platforms. He was lead supervision engineer on several new builds and lead designer in several design projects.

He held the position of project manager for several yacht refits and rebuilds in a prestigious Croatian refit shipyard. He has done several financial evaluations of vessels and numerous project documents as well as cost evaluations. He was lead Supervising Engineer for passenger catamaran „Millennium Diamond“, which was built for one of the biggest Thames operators. He was also QA/QC supervising engineer in Ravenna, Italy during the build of gas platform Izabela.

Pero Milos, Mech.Eng.

Pero Milos is one of the founding partners of MES DIV and Head of Marine Engineering Department. He specializes in the design of marine machinery systems for various types of marine vessels as well as for offshore structures.

After graduation at the University of Zagreb (Chair of Marine Machinery and System Design) in 2001 he joined Klimaoprema Ltd., where he worked as a member of a mechanical engineering team responsible for design and manufacturing of HVAC equipment with emphasis on the design of equipment for ventilation systems. In 2002 he moved to Brodarski Institut where he joined marine engineering group within Vessel Design & Development Department. Until 2014 he worked on propulsion systems designs, machinery support systems and auxiliary systems for:
Patrol Vessels (14m Police PB, 43m Navy PB)
Fishing Vessels (25m and 34m Purse Seiners, 41m Tuna Seiner)
Inland Waterways Vessels (37m Passenger Catamaran, River Surveillance Vessel, small river boats)
Research Vessel (37m)
Working Vessels
Various concept vessel designs
Feasibility studies for Croatian Navy
Electric ship propulsion scientific research project
Offshore Self Elevating Drilling Unit
Croatian MoD FiFi training facility
Equipment installation supervising for various ships during construction stage in shipyards
Experience as Ship-owner Surveyor for various new-builds
He is currently responsible for the firm’s marine engineering scope of work.

Juvel Cokic, Nav.Arch.

Juvel Cokic is Head of Detail Design Department in MES DIV.
He has 20+ years of ship design experience from concept through construction. He specializes in ship detailed design. He has a ME in Naval Architecture from the University of Zagreb. Since joining MES DIV in 2015, he has been at the helm of detail design work for the firm. As Head of Workshop Engineering, he is responsible for establishing and maintaining the firm’s ‘best practices’ in detail engineering processes.

Mislav Bezovnik, Nav.Arch.

Mislav Bezovnik is Head of Naval Architecture Department and is one of the founding partners. He has 10 years of experience in the design of Civil and Navy Vessels and is the lead designer on several new builds and in several design projects. He previously worked as senior and leading designer in Vessel Design & Development Department in Brodarski Institut, Zagreb from 2007 until 2014.

Lead designer for Yacht “Pearl”
Lead designer for passenger catamaran „Millennium Diamond“
Stability calculations for oil platform SEDU “Labin”
Lead designer for Patrol vessel “OOB”
Lead designer for Work vessel “Plovput Betonara”
Lead designer for Mini Cruiser “Sin”
Lead designer for pleasure, naval and work RIB-s.
Lead designer for Yacht “Div 67”
Lead designer for Mini Cruiser “Vantage”

Nikola Oreskovic, Nav.Arch.

Nikola Oreskovic is an experienced designer and project manager, specialized in fast craft up to 24 m in length. Since the year 2000 he has been involved in more than 20 projects, several of which he managed from first sketches to prototype sea trials and serial production. He serves as Head of Research and Development department.

He had the opportunity to be a project manager of many R&D projects both in pleasure craft industry and workboat industry. He and his teams of naval architects, mechanical engineers and industrial designers created some worldwide recognized yachts and workboats, passing through all phases of design – from concept and styling sketches, naval architecture, exterior and interior design and styling – to prototype building management, certification, sea trials – and serial production survey in the end.

Ivan Rutnik, Elec.Eng.

Ivan Rutnik is Head of Electrical Department and one of the founding members. He is experienced in the design and supervision in the Shipbuilding and Energy industry. He is a Licensed Engineer (No. 2488) of the Croatian Chamber of Electrical Engineers, and a Licensed Energy Efficiency Certificator (F-881).

River yacht – Pearl 21 m, Gdansk (2010)
Electrical sightseeing boat Vidra 15 m, Nature Reserve Kopački Rit (2011)
Fast police patrol boat PB-14 14 m, Ministry of Interior (2011)
Sightseeing catamaran Millenium Diamond 39 m, City Cruises – London (2011)
Electrical sightseeing boat 15 m, National park Plitvice (2012)
Three-mast Schooner 48 m Brodsplit (2014)
Semisubmarine 20 m, Agena Tours, Zadar (2015)
Concrete plant/water carrier work vessel, Plovput 48 m- Waterway Maintenance Agency (2015)
Coastal Patrol Vessel OOB 42 m, Ministry of Defense (2015)

Oil and Gas industry
Marine fire-fighting and NBC training facility BOB, Lora Split (2009)
Railway/Cistern truck fuel loading facilities – modernization, INA Oil Refinery Rijeka – (2013)
Gas collection facility, SS Jagnjedovac – INA Naftaplin (2014)
Oil and gas land drill rigs, Đt-1z, Ob-24, Ob-25 – INA Naftaplin (2014)

Energy studies
Energy efficiency studies of public buildings for the City of Zagreb (2009, 2010)
Energy development study of Istria County (2010)
Wind farm Zelengrad Obrovac – Project Nostrification (2010)
Biomass electrical plant Koprivnički Ivanec – Project Nostrification (2011)
Underground Gas Storage facility – Project Verfication- PSP Okoli (2014)


  • Design and consulting services
  • Heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Domestic and industrial gas systems
  • Water supply and sewage systems
  • Boiler houses using solid, liquid and gaseous fuels
  • Gas measuring reduction stations (MRS)


Consulting services

  • Providing support in developing investors’ ideas (site selection, cost-effectiveness
    analysis, technology selection)
  • Creating or supervision of project documentation
  • Construction consulting and designing or supervision of construction and design
  • Designing or supervision of design
  • Obtaining necessary permits
  • Project management and construction supervision
  • Supervision and maintenance of the wind farms in exploitation
  • Counseling during all project phases

Site-specific Design Assessment Services of Wind Farms

  • Initial site selection for wind farm
  • Selecting the position of the measuring pillar
  • Measuring campaign (organization of procurement of measuring pillar with necessary
    instruments, setting of the pillar, measurement and monitoring of wind parameters)
  • Creating maps of wind potential
  • Creating a preliminary schedule of wind turbines
  • Optimization of wind turbines schedule
  • Budgeting and optimization of annual electricity production




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